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reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

  • Guangzhou yuanyang mechanical device co.,Itd
  • Address: First Floor ,Stage II ,A6 Building ,Aggreation Creative Industrial Base, NO 1600,JiChang Road ,Bai Yun District ,Guangzhou ,GuangDong ,China, Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Phone: 86-020-34132018
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  • Contact: Fan [Sales, sales manager]
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  • Price: FOB Guangzhou USD 3500/pcs  
  • MOQ: 1 pcs
Reverse Osmosis water treatment
The FRO water purifying system firstly designed by Guangzhou yuanyang Mechanical Device Co.,Ltd for such industries as cosmetics,pharmacy,food and electronics has been deeply favored by users for its stable water quality and simple operation. The system solves the troubles of frequent regeneration and cleaning during the use of ion exchanging water purifier. It enables the water to pass the reverse osmosis film with a diameter of one ten-thousandth of a micron and separates impurities, ion, microbes and colloids in the water,so as to meet the water requirements in cosmetics, pharmacy, electronics and food industries.

Capability & Characteristic:
More than 90% of parts of the whole machine are imported, ensuring durability of the whole machine;
Continuous water production without the need of regeneration,reducing labor strength;
High operation automation degree:
①Automatic stopping in case of water shortage for low pressure and water sufficiency for high pressure;
②Protection of hydraulic fluctuation resistance;
③Timed flushing of sand filter and active carbon filter by automatic controller;
④PLC microcomputer monitoring,flushing the reverse osmosis film timely;
⑤online electric conductivity monitoring, ensuring good water quality;
Small landing area,low energy consumption,free of pollution, simple process,high water quality ,easy operation and  easy maintenance;
High removing rate, above 97% for dissolved salts,above 98% for organic substances,and 98% for colloids,bacteria and heat sources etc.

Technical parameter:
Model Productivity
(t/h) Power
(kw) Recycle rate
(%) Conductivity
(us/cm) Raw Water Conductivity
FRO-0.5 0.5 2.2 50 3-8 less than300

FRO-0.5A 0.5 2. 50 3-8 less than300

FRO-1 1 2.5 65 3-8 less than300

FRO-2 2 4.0 65 3-8 less than300

FRO-3 3 4.0 75 3-8 less than300

Production process:
Water source-pressure pump-manganic sand filter-active carbon filter-security filte
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